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10 Hot Product Trends of 2023 to Watch

Behind every great promotion should be a story- something to lure you into the brand message and encourage you to be part of the purpose & potential behind that brand.

Visually storytelling has become easier over the past 16 years because so many products can easily be made custom in smaller, affordable quantities there is really no reason not to embrace our local advantage of graphic assistance and create something fun & unique.

Today we'd like to explore some popular products that are a perfect canvas for custom work.

Keep in mind when it comes to custom, everything we offer is not on the website. The website intentionally has no shopping cart, so we can determine through our collaborations which products and decoration methods are best for your campaign.

  1. Bucket Caps- summer is coming, popular head-wear here. Head-wear is a smart choice for branding, we've outlined the reasons in this post.

  2. Cross Body Bags-are hot! Not your average fanny pack, instead fashion meets the fanny pack & delivers on utility and style. Here are some of our favorites.

  3. Patches- woven, leather or 3D rubber, there is no denying this is hot. Not all of our options, as with every product category, are on the website.

  4. Pins- put a pin in it. Metal, silicone, wooden and digital just to name a few.

  5. Stickers- domed, dimensional, special effects

  6. Knits- aka; woven products like socks, scarves, beanies are high impact and uni-fit!

  7. Shoes - not gonna lie, custom shoes rock!

  8. Towels - summer is heating up- own some prime real estate

  9. Challenge Coins - not just for military and first responders. Ask us for case studies from our custom work!

  10. Packaging- long before kits were popular we were creating and designing innovative, captivating packages. It's one of our favorite applications. Let's design.

If you are one of our clients, your April newsletter has strategies around each of these popular trends to expand the reach and story behind your message. After-all marketing assistance is one of your many value add perks to our partnership.

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