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5 Trendy Ways To Capture Attention

Outerwear as we shared in our last post has some impressive stat's, providing compelling reasons to consider for your marketing & gifting needs. Your ability to meet one on one with our experienced and certified team is a huge advantage in the selection process. We can show you the decoration methods in person, comparing the look & feel.

Our talented design team can quickly simulate the look of your final selection.

Access to our 3000sq ft showroom means many of the styles you'd like to compare for fit and feel will be here for you or your team to consider. It's part of our local advantage.

Embroidery: A classic decorating technique, that's been around 30,000 years. Your art file is is stitched into the fabric. Some of the benefits of embroidery are professional and sophisticated style, durability for multiple wears and washes; ideal for premium gifts.

Deboss: Logo is stamped into the surface using a heated custom metal die. This style allows you to have a premium high-end look and feel, a unique 3D appearance, a subtle tone-on-tone look, & a more eco-friendly decorating technique. It's colorless.

Laser: The design is laser etched into the item, burning a pattern into the apparel fabric. Laser decoration can offer a unique tone-on-tone look, excellent detail, and permanent design, & it is great for multimedia decoration.

Transfer: Artwork is digitally printed into a film and then transferred to the fabric. The transfer allows you to have the ability to produce full-color detailed prints, superior clarity, and precision in comparison to silkscreen, & versatility to create unique graphics.

Dimensional Patch: Is a popular new process, your logo is applied to a flexiable rubber- silicone like material that can have texture, 3D raised areas, and color added to the surface- including metallics and can be cut to form around the contours instead of within a shape; shown here like a patch on a circle.

We love sharing images & information live from the showroom in our social stories- did you catch this one recently? The processes for each jacket vary by fabric & style.

Contact us or come to the showroom for your local advantage of seeing these jackets in person!

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