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A Tale of Two Businesses

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We love it when our clients tell us it's our personal touch and investment in their story that makes us partners. For each person who walks into our showroom, we make it a point to get to know the story behind their brand. A better understanding of the individual, allows us to be a more effective marketing partner, adapt and gauge their needs before they even know they have them.

In our December newsletter, we offered a variety of services for free. One of those services being business development mentoring sessions. AABS Inc. reached out to us immediately to set up a time. AABS is a team of four, and Olivia & Arien, from our team at Promotional Partners, had the opportunity to sit down with two of their team; Missy & Sherri.

Tell us what you offer, the why behind AABS

Missy & Sherri: AABS is your local business and tax accounting team. Located in the heart of downtown Apex, we are part of the fabric of the community. We live here, volunteer here, and work here. Our job is to take the stress of taxes and bookkeeping off your shoulders. When you call our office, no matter who answers, we will be able to assist you! It is a team effort that has your interest & success at heart.

Olivia & Arien: We love that answer because we are also community focuses, living, working, and volunteering locally- but we agree, it's special when every client can get the answers they need from anyone on our team. It's one of the main reasons we are a certified team.

What should new clients expect, meeting you for the first time?

Missy & Sherri: To us, our clients are more than just a number. When first meeting with any new client, we like to meet with them outside of the business setting to get to know them on a personal level. This approach provides us with a better understanding of them as a person and a company; which leads to better indicators of what they will need in the future. We know what they value. Strong and successful relationships are built on trust. In order to make strategic suggestions that will help your company grow, our clients need to be transparent and honest - we promise to do the same in return.

Olivia & Arien: So you'd agree that relationships built on trust & open communication led to long term partnerships?

Missy & Sheri: Yes, absolutely.

Olivia & Arien: We are on the same page! Collaboration builds trust. Two-way communication forms a bond as partners, and sharing the story behind your core values makes strategic planning easier.

Olivia & Arien: So, let's just say it, finance is not an area one usually associates with creative thinking, lots of laughs from Missy and Sherri unless you want to go to jail! However, is there an element of creativity in your role as your accounting partner? Yes, Missy & Sherri explained, it's called forecasting. They explained, by applying their talents, they can steer a business towards best practices, as well as set up short & long-term goals creating a stronger financial position.

Olivia & Arien: That makes sense, numbers are not our thing, so we don't think about ways to prepare for the present or future like your team.

Olivia & Arien: Sounds like we both have business models that are community-focused. By knowing the heart of your company's mission & purpose, we can connect the dots for areas to focus your marketing & advertising. You agree it's the collaboration that shapes those goals; right?

Missy & Sherri: Yes, that's right.

Olivia & Arien: Okay, what are assumptions about your company you find frustrating? For example, for us it's:

  • We aren't local; enough, because we aren't creating or decorating products literally by our team's hands. Yet, we are locally located, activity giving back to the local communities that support us and employing a team of local individuals.

  • Not seeing the value add; I can get what I need from an e-commerce store.

  • Assuming we serve only one niche industry, offer limited product categories or services or align only with a specific size of partner; excluding other partners.

Fortunately, most of our business comes to us by referral, but it's gratifying when someone discovers us, and that search is motivated by a poor experience with an e-commerce site, a local company that's not equipped to handle the challenges & nuances of their project or realizes there is no value add to their relationship; no marketing-advertising strategy or expertise to offer regardless of the size of their company or the scope of their project. We have plenty of single product orders.

Tell us about the misconceptions or niche markets for AABS.

Missy & Sherri: We get pigeonholed too!

  • I can get my taxes done at a national chain, but will they stand beside you to represent you to the IRS in a dispute?

  • People don't think we, as Enrolled Agents, don't do accounting. Enrolled agents are licensed by the IRS and are a federally licensed tax practitioner who has unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

  • I'm not looking for accounting services, only help with my taxes, you're going to want more work from my company.

  • You don't have clients that are similar to our industry or size.

The reality is our company has a broad range of clients, from independent, one-person businesses to micro-businesses to businesses with revenue in the millions. We apply the same concepts, but in ways that make sense for the journey of each client. Our knowledge & expertise help them grow and we take great pride in being part of that success.

Our conversation with AABS helped to solidify that an effective communicator is able to zero in on the components necessary to identify the purpose of a meeting and collaborate effectively around those goals. Our open dialogue helped provide some new insights to each of our businesses for areas to focus our business development efforts in 2021. What can collaboration and education do for your business?

Long before paper, radio, TV, or cinema, there were stories and storytellers. At Promotional Partners and AABS, we know that your story matters!

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