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Anchors Ahoy!

Summer is just around the corner and many can't wait to put their feet in the sand or the water. How will you incorporate your brand into your audiences' summer plans?

One approach might be to create a custom kit to distribute to offices that provide you repeat referrals. Businesses that offer consumer protection might take a look at products that protect the phone from water, skin from sunburns or secure your valuables or clothing in a popular dry bag.

Retail shops might borrow ideas from large brands, such as DSW, who offers a limited edition tote each season to get you into the store to shop. A mesh bag, will travel to more than the beach or the pool, offering high brand exposure to your business.

A local gym might offer new members an odor absorbing travel pouch to solve the issue of wet gear that needs to be stored in your car while at work.

A new apartment complex with several pools might find that the chance to win a waterproof or floating speaker or floating coaster is exactly the type of prize that would bring a recent college graduate to tour your property.

Remember, brands travel and a quality gift will keep your brand anchored on the shore!

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