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Are We There Yet?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Our National Parks are getting a second glance this year for entertainment because they are open, affordable and fun! July is National Parks Month. Whether you'd rather explore each park in your local town or pack up to explore regional or national hot spots, at least one of your passengers is likely to ask, "Are we there yet"?

Before your car hits the road, do you have key safety items inside?

Each of the go-to items on that travel list makes excellent gifts. Closing gifts for mortgage lenders don't have to remain the same, switch things up with the seasons. Local banking services and communication are hot topics right now among small business owners, reward new accounts with a gift that will be useful. Is your brand "there yet"? Consumer studies demonstrate the useful items are appreciated, kept and used. (Ask us to share some studies!)

On a personal note, before you travel across the county line, consider taking a look at your local park system in Wake County. Check your own municipality frequently for updates regarding new places to visit or visit a neighboring town for something new to explore. One of our local favorites is Bass Lake in Holly Springs. We've been known to stroll, fish, rock or walk the dog! What are some of your favorite local parks?

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