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Capturing A Brand Experience

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Think about it; when you go on vacation you usually want to purchase a souvenir. Those items usually bear the name of the location you've visited. If you google the history of souvenirs you'll find souvenirs were relics from destinations preserving engagement with sacred and historic sites. Surprised? After-all, is modern society really any different than our ancestors? We all want to capture memories.

Each December we participated in the annual Halle Cultural Arts Tree Display; which benefits the Western Wake Crisis Ministry. After participating for the past 12 years in the event, the question was how do we "step up"  our entry for 2019? After gaining permission from the Town of Apex to use the trademarked phrase (yep, it's trademarked) "the peak of good living" , we added some decorated pint glasses, tumblers and coffee mugs to our tree. 

We were not surprised at the interest in bidding on that tree. We posted images about our tree entry on social media and requests flooded our inbox for "the peak of good living" items. The popularity of those items helped inspire choices today. Our lead graphic designer, Miranda Schulstad, collaborated with the Town of Apex to design a logo for the town that would capture popular retail trends, evoke hometown pride and incorporate the licensed phrase, "the peak of good living". 

At the Halle Cultural Arts Center, you may purchase a piece of hometown pride.

How does design work go from concept to print?

Expertise, talent, and time are what drives a successful graphic design. While designs may seem simple, the ability to select the right font, determine how an imprint will print on a product, and a creative flair all need to work together with a client's vision. The repetition of creating logos and designing layouts for products contribute to our team's ability to quickly and expertly create a custom design. Providing a product that creates a souvenir that will sustain your memory takes an expert hand.

It's exciting to see our graphics - at work!

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