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Don't Make Safety, an Accident

June is National Safety Month.

Planning & training help prevent accidents, which extends to planning a successful safety incentive program.

Reward employee behavior with branded gifts! I know what you're thinking, well you sell branded products so of course, you would suggest branded gifts. However, Scott Geller, Ph.D., a safety incentives expert at Virginia Tech points out, "People will say they want cash, but it isn't special enough. Safety awards should be a symbol and a remembrance." That is why more companies are turning to useful, high-perceived-value items as safety incentives. When items are branded with safety campaign messages and used daily, products shape behavior, drive awareness and make a significant impact on the bottom line.

Creating a culture of safety. Creating a culture relies on personal engagement and buy into goals. Employee recognition and goals go hand in hand. What type of program should you create? Think beyond your grandfather’s program awarding a watch. Sure, there are some amazing watches, from name brands to tech watches that track your health. While individuals still like knowing their personal efforts matter, modern programs are focused on team-building, rewarding shared goals, creating camaraderie, and of course eliminating accidents! A well-trained team knows the rules to keep them safe, but a cohesive team adheres to protocols because they feel part of the company's reputation.

Back in December, we offered some simple ways to engage employees. Recognition can take many forms. Your social media is a simple way to share achievement, like safety compliance, while personalizing your company to consumers. What are some additional ways to share the culture of your company? Installing a recognition wall will captivate visitors. Using milestone markers from stickers on hard hats to awards on the desk should dot your company's landscape; whether your workplace is on a ladder or behind a desk. Besides, acknowledging years of service speak to a culture that makes people want to stay! Actions speak louder than words!

In developing a program, it's important we collaborate about the budget, frequency, and model that will work the best for your company. Our team is an expert in comparing options and outlining platform advantages. We will ask questions about when and how you gather, to design a program that works around a virtual gathering or in house meetings. For example, modern redemption programs around an eCommerce store are popular with remote workers or a national brand, because products ship directly to the recipient.

Ready for some safety incentive inspiration? Add logos and safety slogans to brands like Carhartt or other quality name brands for out in the field.

The key to safety is in your hands- ready to plan?

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