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Double The Engagement

What makes an event successful?

It's fun for the attendee, as well as offering engagement with exhibitors, performers and if located in a business district, the brick & mortar businesses will also see increased sales for the day. What types of items can double your booth traffic?

One of our favorite fun & functional items are USA Made shoe laces!

6 ways to tie up a sale

  1. Fundraisers - each side can be different, ask a question & provide the answer; why us!

  2. School Spirit - highlight what's cool about your school Sport's Team Pride - mascots, team colors

  3. Hometown Pride

  4. Awareness - "Follow me to"... "Walk for.".... "Pedaling to"

  5. Healthcare - Movement is key to good health

  6. Word play & call to action

- Touch your toes 10 times everyday for better health

- We take care of feet

- Our business offers twice the fun

- We are the companion you've been seeking

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