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FANtastic Flavor Profiles Please

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Move over chocolate & strawberry to make way for the greatest thing since the invention of ice cream! In the 70's, the idea of 31 flavors of ice cream created raving fans. Consumers could test out a spoonful of unique flavors was well, over 31 flavors. Fast forward to today - modern ice cream shops often have over 31 flavors or let you create your own masterpiece.

No matter what flavor profiles are your go-to, your cravings can be satisfied with a host of local places in the Triangle with unique flavors - as well as homegrown flavors using quick freeze machines at home.

Behind the scenes trivia?

1. Which preference wins? Cup, waffle cone or sugar cone

Waffle Cone

2. Who's made homemade ice cream?

We all have, most of us have the old-fashioned way with the crank, salt, and ice.

3. What are some of our favorite ice cream shops?

Fresh, Sunny Skies, and Goodberry's (Yes, we know this is frozen custard)

No matter how you like your ice cream, keeping it cold is an essential part of the experience. This magnet cooler sleeve made for ice cream quarts is the perfect pairing for a relaxing evening or a great way to chill in the summer heat.

Mood changing products are fun way to connect with families at community events. Coloring changing products are also nice messaging around the call to action, when you are in the mood for change. Check out our services - if you can tolerate the puns, color changing products at an ice cream social make the perfect icebreaker. Asking attendees to sit with everyone that has the same color instead of their normal friend group.

Now that you know a little more about us - we'd like to know, what's your favorite flavor?

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