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Sticker Obsessed, Gen Z!

It’s no secret that the younger generation is full of creative, expressive, and eccentric individuals. More than ever before, we’re seeing a surge of tech-savvy, open-minded, and independent youth storm social media and build a name for themselves.

Stickers have a huge play in this, and are often an accessory used by Gen Z’ers to extend their personality, and call attention to their passions and interests. Today, we’re taking a dive into why exactly this generation is sticker crazy, and how they’re leveraging stickers in their day-to-day lives!

Turning blank objects into a vessel of self-expression

Nothing is quite as satisfying as taking a simple object, like a Hydro Flask, notebook, or laptop case, and creating a stickerbomb’d masterpiece. Self-expression has proven to be very important to Gen Z, and stickers are a fun way to accomplish that. Your everyday possessions are a canvas, waiting to be decorated and adorned by you.

Showcasing visual art and talent

From painting and sketching to photography and illustration, a huge variety of visual art forms can translate beautifully as stickers. Many talented artists have used stickers as a means of getting their artwork out into the physical world and being seen. After all, 51% of Gen Z agrees that they’re more creative than their previous generation! Stickers can be thought of as a sticky portfolio of your work, allowing you to take your art with you anywhere you go. Use them as a conversation piece, and a means of making new friends and fans!

Promoting side hustle and hobbies

Gen Z makes up more than 40% of U.S. consumers. Digital platforms like TikTok, Etsy, and Instagram have opened a world of possibilities for the younger generation to channel their tech-savviness into business ventures and side hustles. Building brand awareness becomes that much easier with stickers. For example, business logo stickers can be given out as a gift with purchase, allowing customers to place the sticker anywhere they'd like, where it will continue to build a branding presence for years to come!

No matter how you express your brand, the possibilities with stickers are endless!

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