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How To Convert Vision To Imagery

To launch is to create motion - an action. Every entrepreneur starts with a vision for their company. An initial part of a brand launch includes developing a logo that is the "face" of your business. That face will be part of the actions taken as the business - business cards, website, signs, business forms, clothing & promotional materials. When we create a logo, we create a brand guide which serves as the rules, the gatekeeper for color, font, and placement on promotional materials, making sure your brand is ready for any application.

Once your company opens it doors for business, your product choices and visual communications become your brand identity in action, your company voice.

Being recognized for your appearance, your voice adds to the credibility & reliability of your message. It also means being consistent and purposeful with your choices. Think of your brand identity this way: your logo is the recognized face of your brand - grabbing attention just like your smile. The engagement created by that introduction allows consumers to stop and learn about your product and services. Social media is like a digital handshake when making connections and developing relationships.

Do you have core values we can incorporate into product selection such as sustainability, education, diversity & inclusion , woman owned or supporting those that serve in military?

Here's a brand launch case study, with our partner The Chris Murray Team. Creating a simple, clean logo doesn't mean one idea is drawn up and that's it! In fact, take a look at some of the concepts considered by Chris's team before selecting this logo.

Here's what their Director of Communications had to say about working with our design & brand team:

"The Chris Murray Team has the right partner with the team over at Promotional Partners. Their team is responsive, creative and has the expertise to make light work of our challenges.

They captured our vision; creating our logo & brand guide. Then they made sure our style reflected the look & feel our brand. They have been so helpful with the entire process, and we can't wait to continue our partnership with them!"

Your printed materials become visual communications. Your business cards, brochures, business forms, checks, stationary, window, wall, floor signage, and display materials are all part of the foundation of your brand message. Unique, memorable, and cohesive graphics when combined with images & messages can evoke a strong, positive feeling about your brand.

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