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Identifying Everyday Moments To Wear Your Cape.

Updated: Mar 10

There’s little wonder why we have heroes. We need them to get us through this challenging experience called life. Heroes help us survive, and they help us thrive.”— Scott Allison, Ph.D. – “Why We Need Heroes

Super-hero moments often don't make the visual impact suggested by the big screen or through comic characters. Perhaps it's because character is one of those things that doesn't have a symbol worn on the chest and adults don't go around wearing caps. Character is how we demonstrate our true colors- it's how we assist physically, emotionally, socially or spiritually in our communities.

Individuals with character are, to use a popular word, authentic. They don't copy & paste what they see others doing around them. Instead these individuals carve out their own path. Recently I sat down with Ruth Steidinger to talk about how woman can lift one another up, mentor & support while carving out their own path. Watch our conversation here. Let me be clear, I've never done anything or has our company done anything that rises to the level of a heroic act. Instead, for today I'd challenge you to consider a hero or heroism to be a metaphor for a champion. We all need more champions in life.

Champions are mentors, coaches and friends that find ways to invest in the activities that bring them joy and balance in life. We feel centered when we give to others. It's giving back that inspired me to start our Promotional Partners Cares program back in 2020. It's also a deep love of community, watch here, that motivates me to put a spotlight on programs making a difference locally & globally.

Community is borderless; it's about finding heart everywhere and determining what skills, funds or voice you can add to the mission at hand. Loving our local community is part of our "DNA"- we encourage everyone to find the areas in their communities where their passions & interest can make an impact. Our passion behind community is the motivation behind an upcoming women's series called "Pearls of Wisdom" we hope you'll follow on our blog and through videos on our social media accounts.

Sometimes becoming a hero comes down to simple choices.

If your cape isn't visible yet, ask us about partnerships we've discovered that align with your authentic self; in fact please make it part of your next collaboration with us. We'd be happy to suggest local organizations or ways that your company branding can align with your passions; what you champion in life.

Superhero or champion, the mission is helping another. Where did we apply our footprint in 2023? Click here for a summary of organizations and our investments.

Let's partner to create moments that uplift others; cape optional.

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