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Intimated By The Blank Page?

I've always approached a blank page as an opportunity, the artist in me appreciates the amount of choice. I'll admit for many, the blank page is intimidating. The fear of failure and the abundance of choice paralyzes many individuals- leaving them asking what do you think we should include?

One of the coolest aspects of our industry is choice! Instantly decoration can change the appearance of an item. In an earlier post this week, I shared an image of full color mountain scene on a tumbler and as well as the same tumbler with a one color logo; completely different results. Popular low cost items that sit on our desk like a coaster or travel with us in purses, pocket and backpacks like a microfiber cleaning cloth are a blank page. What can you do with the surface?

  • Provide a new student a map of campus or like Wake Tech, a future student an image of the ease of access to your campus system?

  • Outline all your convention stops

  • Share dates you will be doing seminars

  • Provide wellness tips

  • Highlight challenges your business service solves

  • Send an image of your customer service team and provide their contact information

  • Include a QR code with a question to get recipients to watch a video about your business

  • Mail or hand out a map to showcase your new business address

  • Share images of your community engagement

  • Remind employees about your company's core values   

Whatever your story needs to convey, there are low cost options to position your message.

We hope you now see the potential in a blank canvas, it's an opportunity to be creative!

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