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Knead More Dough?

Today is National Cookie Day!

Let's make some dough!

You'll need a spactula

Now let's bake those cookies- don't forget the oven mitt or maybe an oven stick.

Serve those cookies on an artisan board.

Store those cookies.

No time, leave it to Mrs. Feilds, and 25 more ways to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Every business needs "dough"- cash flow is key to operations for every type of business. Marketing is about driving engagement for your brand and relies on specific objectives to demonstrate the reaction behind your strategy. Because your business has different types of messages around your value- once you've created attention your brand needs to reflect the message you've been conveying.

Name brand products in the home are a smart way to convey the value of relationships- consistency & trust are two values consumers associate with major name brands. Besides, kitchen products are just "quirky enough to work". Innovative ideas that get results. You might even say we go together with your marketing efforts like milk & cookies!

Sweet right?

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