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Let's Explore Dimension Today

Appealing to our sense of sight and touch, wood products continue to be a crowd pleaser.

The world has dimension, it takes up space in the galaxy. It has peaks, valley and subterranean places to explore. The older I get, the more I realize it's the deep rich layers to life's story & journey that not only add dimension but serve to inspire.

Today's post is one of those multi layer stories- what we see is not always the end of the story. What's behind these wooden products goes deeper than the tooling to create the designs used to promote your brand.

We're seeing more products made with recycled & repurposed wood. Consumers are asking questions about where wood is coming from and the effects on the environment. Reforestation is now a wood that's become familiar to us. Our partners are responding to your questions with solutions.

Our partner for these wooden products has teamed up with a global organization, planting trees because of the orders we place. Evertreen works with reforestation efforts in North America, Central America, Ethiopia, The Philippines, India, Mozambique, Kenya, Nepal and Madagascar.

What makes the protection of trees such an important topic for the environment?

Consider that trees do for us:

  • Improve our physical & mental health

  • Absorb cardon and help regulate the climate

  • Absorb & filter pollutants in the air

  • Improve water quality & watershed health

  • Create a social impact through providing jobs around forestry and other industries

  •  and product biodiversity

Next time you have a message that could use some dimension- ask us about wood. There are more layers to this story than initially meets the eye.

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