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Mastering Clever Ideas

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

A blank canvas can be exciting or intimidating because of endless possibility. Twelve years ago, I was an art teacher. Making a mark on a blank surface was immobilizing for many. What if I mess up? I'd always say, "a canvas is the perfect place to mess up- just paint over it."

For many, branding seems simple. Merely select a product that fits your budget, apply your logo and distribute the product. However, if one approaches branding with the attitude that "any item will do"- then brand loyalty and brand identity will miss the mark.

Yes, we apply logos to products, but your brand identity is really what's being applied to the blank surface of a product. Before a product can become a visual message, your vision needs to be clear. Considering options is overwhelming for many- what if I pick the wrong item? Collaboration with our clients solidifies vision. Our expert hand is applied to endless products ideas and instead of "copying and pasting" the same product to every brand story, our creative minds guide your options.

By providing our clients with ongoing access to cases studies, white papers that explain product features, and access to products in our showroom to compare quality or providing consumer data related to relevance we are creating confidence before making that first mark. We want you to become a master of your ideas. Since 2009, our blog has been a way to help you quickly explore options; a rotating canvas of brand stories. We've kept popular elements and provided new ways to engage with the ability to search ideas by topic and gather brand perspectives from our entire team. Let us know how you like our new format!

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