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National M&M Day

I love M&M's! When I was a kid there was a rumor they were going to stop selling the packages with red ones, the red ones were going to cause cancer- luckily red prevailed. Our industry produces many knock off items, so for years chocolate buttons were an option for clients seeking M&M like products.

Now, with this exclusive partnership- the wait is over!

M&M's have reached an exclusive partnership with our partner at Chocolate Inn/Lanco. Through this partnership our clients have numerous options such as:

  • Imprinting logos, images or messages on the M&M

  • Package in customizable bags and containers

  • Mix and Match colors - coordinate with the custom packaging.

Use this type of product for:

  • Fundraising

  • Trade show booths

  • Sales Stops

  • Networking

  • Employee Sweet Perk at desk or mailbox- themed to your message

  • Kick off for National Sales Meeting

  • Sweet Treat at check in

  • Donate for local blood drive

  • Check out a full line of options here

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