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Passion Equals Expertise

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Where do you spend your leisure hours and professional hours? 

Spending time repeating the same experiences whether at work, leisure or as a volunteer tends creates expertise; insights only you understand from being in that world.

Our clients generally know that my background is a former WCPSS parent, art teacher and PTA leader. What did almost 20 years of investment in schools provide me? Insights into how to stretch a dollar while providing an engaging activity, raising awareness and accomplishing goals without breaking the bank. 

Recently a school asked me for a strategy to engage and welcome new families to the school. The goal was to provide families with a welcome gift pack at orientation that would be relevant to both the student and the parent. What did we suggest?

A pencil or pen- offering some school spirit in an affordable, but practical way for new students.

A webcam cover with personality- keep your eyes on what's new at school by following the school website, PTA news and electronic updates from your teacher's classroom page.

A microfiber cleaning cloth-  offering a full color surface for spirit, photos, maps or even a QR code to a video link outlining the key locations within the footprint of the school. This type of product will work for elementary through higher education. Take a look at a cleaning cloth showing just how close access to higher education can be in Wake County via the Wake Tech Community College system; a large footprint!

Full color dual sided lanyards offer spirit and function with ID for staff or students.

Double sided bookmark rulers, zipper pulls for a jacket, bike tags for identifying bikes at school, pedometers to record steps and coin pouches for treats at lunch or the school store were all part of a Walk To School program at Olive Chapel Elementary; designed to encourage students to walk to school.

Low cost ideas for schools is second nature to us!

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