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Pearls of Wisdom

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Today is National Wear Your Pearls Day and for those that prefer collecting pearls of wisdom more than wearing pearls, you are in luck. We have some behind the scenes wisdom to share with you!

Planning keeps your goals in focus and frees up time because you know the next steps to take, as well as it making you more creative because you aren't living life pulled from one activity to another. While organization might not be the key to happiness, it does help make your day more pleasant!

Understanding your limitations, purpose, resources & tools will help you be more productive when approaching tasks. For example, our industry appears straightforward. Companies & individuals need promotional items, gifts, awards, wearables & signage to promote their company or organization. We are their trusted partner. Yet what we do behind the scenes to craft each campaign, research options, create presentations, generate graphics, communicate with supplier partners, start and manage the order process is a treadmill of activity.

This company brought pearls of wisdom to fruition with the creation of their MagClick™ Fast Wireless Charging Desk Organizer, which includes a clipboard, three magnetic docks, a foldable accessory holder, a card holder, a pen clip, a cable clip and a foldable phone stand, making it easy to organize your desk. This board has a wireless charging area that magnetically attaches to lots of smartphone devices - ask us for a complete list of compatibility.

A few pearls of wisdom for controlling the chaos that we've learned over the years:

  • Make lists, check task off - it feels good!

  • Plan! Have a projected list of activities to complete each day. Put tasks in "buckets" of must accomplish, hope to accomplish, can wait to accomplish but require X action to move to another day.

  • Create a list for daily, short term and long-term projects with target dates.

  • Prioritize workflow several times a day against critical, must accomplish tasks.

  • Assign tasks to the best person within your team to complete the task.

  • Communicate frequently with your teammates - ask who needs help.

  • Communicate changes to individuals outside your organization with expectations from you, such as a response, report or action from your team by X date/time.

  • Make time to laugh - it releases some tension.

How do you control the chaos? Let us know in the comments! And tell us what you think of this desk organizer!!

Interested in another pearl of wisdom? Apply this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt who once said, "It takes as much energy to wish as to plan".

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