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Ready, Set, Grow!

When you need a unique gift, it usually helps to think outside the box. But in this case, what you’re looking for is squarely inside the box – the Sprigbox.

A Sprigbox is a small, self-contained indoor garden kit. The soil and seeds are in a pine box that can be engraved with branding – just add water and watch the plant grow.

The nurturing is what sets Sprigbox apart as a promotional gift. It creates a different kind of connection with the person receiving it – depending on the circumstances, a Sprigbox can be fun, thoughtful or symbolic. But whatever the reason, it’s a gift people will remember.

With kits ranging from cilantro and basil to sunflower and aloe vera, a Sprigbox works as a standalone gift or an add-on to a multi-item gift package. Either way, it’s a natural fit for our Perfectly Packaged service, which includes decorative paper, a message card and a custom branded sticker for the shipping box.

Better For The Planet

Featuring an all natural, biodegradable pine box for the plant, Sprigbox is part of our EcoSmart® collection, which includes 150+ eco-friendly and sustainable gift options. That means it’s a gift that gives back: One percent of sales are donated to environmental nonprofits.

How's that for a smart product choice. During August, this product is part of our annual give back to Poe. Ask us how to become part of this initiative.

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