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Say Goodbye To Wires

If you read yesterday's blog, you know we were discussing portable chargers. Well did you know there's a more advanced form of portable chargers that has no wires? The question is what makes this better than your average wired device?

One of the most convenient ways to charge our portable devices—mobile phones, earbuds, smart watches, tablets, and more—is through wireless charging. Wireless chargers allow you to place your compatible device on a mat, disc or stand. They immediately begin charging the device upon contact, without the need to plug your smartphone or tablet into any cords, cables or connectors. Sometimes, a portable power pack in itself is a wireless charger, meaning that it contains

wireless transmission technology and can be charged and recharged on its own as an external battery and then used to power your electronics, offering an ultimate true wireless experience.

Wireless chargers have some great features such as accessibility, convenience, portability, and charging speed. With wireless charging you won't have to stop and look for an outlet while on the go when that terrible low-battery alert pops up on your screen.

Whether you want a strong charger with a sleek design, a battery that helps bring the fun outdoors, a charger that can do it all, or even an eco-friendly charger for two people (read more here), we have a variety of products for you to pick from and can help guide you on which batteries will be best suited for your needs, as well as customize the product for your brand. If this is something you may be interested in swing by our showroom, and we can give you further details about getting your own wireless chargers.

For a more in depth look at wireless chargers, read one of our other blogs here.

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