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"Sense"able Crowd Pleasers!

Charcuterie gifts continue to trend, making the space perfect for something unexpected and interactive fun for the senses. If you've followed our blog posts over the years, you know that we'd suggested that food is not only a multi-sensory experience- food ignites memories and shares our culture.

Food gifts are perfect for a crowd- an easy way to be popular with your co workers by sharing treats, but also by taking a moment to share in some down time. It's it interesting to learn you have a co worker that loves the same flavors you do or you have one that hates chocolate?

Use charcuterie boards as a way to build camaraderie through themed team challenges- then offer prizes for different categories. Boards are just one of the many ways we can layer in a promotional gift with your food gifts to keep your brand part of an on-going consumer engagement campaign. Consider sharing time together through unexpected holidays during the year or milestone moments. Kindness & cheer are always in season.

Make the board part of a food gift- kit!

5 Key Reasons to Kit:

1. Branding Moment- Create more opportunities for your brand and message to be exposed and shared! 2. Experience & Memory- Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially one that unveils a delicious experience! 3. Your Way- Personal Side- Create a kitted gift that represents your message and core brand principles! 4. Fulfillment-Ease of Distribution- Our team has the experience to make the process simple to coordinate, package, and ship your unique gift!

5. Food gifts are a low cost way to delight a large group of people.

From planning to execution to the experience- we've got you covered!

What are some ideas to consider for this holiday season? Click here for inspiration.

Sometimes saying yes to dessert is just the right choice.

Here are some of our newest options.

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