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Single Use, Yet Multiple Purpose

Gathering for weddings, birthdays, holidays, or to celebrate milestones in business? Branded disposable paper goods add an extra special element to the celebration. Don't worry about paper & plastic products contributing to environmental waste, we have options that are made from recycled paper and plastic!

Paper products, like these plates, can have logos, fun phrases or faces added to add an element of fun to your next event.

Plastic and paper cups have large imprint areas, making disposable paper products the perfect place for sponsorship or inspiring give back in the community stories. Share good news in the community or support other local businesses with branded products in your local restaurants.

What other types of disposable products offer value?

Stir Sticks

Coffee Sleeves


In fact, napkins offer more than meets the eye! How, print a message on the outside of the napkin, add a QR Code, and inside keep sharing content from menus to upcoming dates or special events for donors! We love creative ways to position your message.

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