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Looking to Spice Things Up?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

If you’re looking for innovative ways to elevate your brand image, spice up your message and build your professional relationships, we have the secret recipe for you!

Let's explore some options:

A unique teambuilding product that suggests a partnership will make each party stronger.

"Like salt and pepper, we’re better together!"

Giving out - Himalayan Sea Salt / Black Peppercorns

Don’t Let your Summer Go Up in Flames!

  • Safety First for the BBQ

  • Create a BBQ contest

  • Use a call to action, "Looking for hot ideas?"

  • Lots of unique ways to use BBQ rub

Individual tube mailers to gift set boxes - let's get creative!

Choose from over 500 spices, teas and coffees to add extraordinary flavor to your gift box. Perfect as a finishing touch or as your box’s focal point to create a special experience. Customized packaging is a cost-effective way to personalize and bring your theme or brand message to life. Why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Create a call to action that fits your message & marketing expectations.

Over 500 innovative choices provides so many ways to be creative, which fits our marketing & design team perfectly. Besides, these types of products also fit our Quirky Enough to Work side too!

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