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Strong Graphics Make An Impact!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

While not everyone is a visual learner, a hot trend in marketing is an infographic. You've probably noticed we've been inserting them frequently into our blog posts and educational materials. Images tell stories quickly and we remember images. Images also make it easier to share a lot of content - less words, strong impact.

You've followed the blog, you've visited the team in our showroom and compared your options for products. What's next? Now it's time to create the graphics!!!

Like an infographic, our expert team is working with you to create a graphic that will appeal to your audience, convey your content and add some flair!

Many of clients have a general idea of what they want to include-such as words, themes and images; however placing those elements still takes a trained eye. Often we are starting with establishing font preferences, design elements and adhering to your branding specifications. Basically our graphics team works to ask questions and provide visuals to figuring out what our clients find appealing, "pretty" . We need to determine what will convey their message and create a unified outcome.

Fortunately, we've been offering in house graphic design for 12 years! 

If you consider there is an average of 2080 hours in work year, then multiply that number by 12= that is 24, 960 hours to experience at work for you!! Wow- take in that number. #knowledge 

A cohesive booth will get you noticed!

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