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Tails Win

Nearly 70% of US households own pets, according to the American Pet Products Association. As a dog lover, one of the pleasures of owning a business in a busy downtown area are all the fur friends that visit during the day. Whether it’s residents walking their dogs along downtown streets, dogs resting by the tables while the adults talk or canine officers engage with crowds at local festivals, its clear people love pets. Beyond dogs, cats, birds and reptiles are members of our family. Offering treats to pets that frequent your business or introducing point of purchase products that can be used by one’s favorite pet are ways to increase the reach and engagement of your brand with consumers.

If a college student is looking for a bank, a mortgage, a car or a place to rent - offering them pet products when they sign the dotted line are a perk! Pet products are also a natural way to start real conversation at a festival style event. Does a consumer really want to talk to you about an achy back, gutters, windows or bathtubs? Maybe, but a consumer with an achy back might love a better dog harness, someone with full gutters might appreciate a new outdoor dog bowl, a window cling reminding 1st responders of indoor pets or a hose to connect to the tub to wash Fido might start a conversation that leads other places.

Don't miss an opportunity to attract a pet parent by offering them a chance to spoil their furry friend!

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