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Mythbuster: Umbrellas

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Umbrellas are the perfect promo item - one size fits all, it rains just about everywhere, and everybody uses them. If you're not taking advantage of umbrellas as a promotional product, you're missing out on a whole lot of brand impressions. We are asking you to forget what you think you know about umbrellas and listen while we put some common misconceptions to rest.

Myth #1: Umbrellas are boring.

Truth: Thanks to a big selection of fashion-forward looks with fun colors, cool patterns, and new fabrics, umbrellas help you make a splash without jumping in any puddles! And if it's a trendy style in retail, we have brands like Totes, Cutter & Buck, and Stromberg.

Myth #2: Umbrella design innovation stopped years ago.

Truth: Exciting developments are happening all the time. The all-new, super-cool inversion umbrellas close so that the outside of the canopy is pulled inward, trapping them inside and making it easier to close from a car seat or doorway. Windproof umbrellas feature vented canopies and special flexible frames.

Myth #3: Umbrellas are too traditional to make an impact.

Truth: Umbrellas leave a big impression. The average promotional umbrella generates 1,100 impressions during its lifespan. Plus, umbrellas give you more for your money. The cost-per-impression is less than one cent.*

Myth #4: People won't hold on to them.

Truth: A promotional umbrella is definitely a keeper - a promo umbrella is kept on average for over a year - 14 months, to be exact. They're often kept in the car and at the office "just in case."

Myth #5: You're on your own finding a good promotional umbrella.

Truth: We've got you covered. Umbrellas keep us dry on rainy days, but that big round canopy is also the perfect canvas for a brand. Golf umbrellas, inversion umbrellas, fashion umbrellas - no matter what you need, Promotional Partners has the right umbrellas at the right price.

*Data compiled by Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)

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