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What Has Mass Appeal?

When seeking a unique gift, you perhaps want one that captures a memory or creates a call to action, the ability to add color increases value to your message. For example, if you told someone your town was "the best" but instead you included images of hometown events or icons, even added the recipient's name asking them to visit you'd likely score brownie points.

Towels and blankets make great, full color- personalized gifts. The fabric can be washed again and again without losing its vivid colors or your message.

More reasons to use these plush textile products? Watch this video.

  • Super large imprint area

  • Kept and used for years

  • Safe - no chemicals, Prop 65 compliant

  • Cost per impression averages less than $.10 per impression

  • Mass appeal, one size fits all, any age or gender

  • No Tariffs, USA Made

  • Many options with full color, edge to edge printing; capture a memory. Perfect for travel companies, close gifts for homeowners, reminding homeowners about your weekly market, gifts for renters of your beach house, fundraising for teams, a thank you to charity riders or golfers, hometown pride for retail sales or even to feature a map of economic development locations.

  • The full color options can be personalized with as few as 1 unit and no set up!

Imagine your logo on one of these stock images for a call to action that shares your story in full color! Our website features towels and blankets.

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