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What's Both A Shortcut & Sign of Progress?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

A bookmark!

Sure, a bookmark can merely be seen as a thin object used to mark a place in a book or a shortcut to locations you visit frequently on your computer. However, if those are the only possible outcomes you see for its purpose; you're overlooking some possibilities.

Since a bookmark is made from materials like plastic, paper, and leather- those raw materials can be formed into unique shapes. In most cases, these options can be USA Made, so stock is not an issue and the surface- has so many ways to inspire.

When you're looking for a low-cost way to connect your message to consumers- take a second glance at the bookmark.

A bookmark with sticky flags- is useful to anyone that frequently needs to mark pages for reference to signatures or access to specific information. A business offering services to a college student can suggest their sticking with that student, while a closing attorney might appreciate a partner that makes their life easy- like quick access with sticky flags.

A book made of wood that addresses sustainability and forestry issues by planting a tree with your order is a perfect medium to convey your company's focus on the environment and the greater good.

Do you have an innovative new product, that solves a challenge that merely needed a new perspective? A bookmark that can also be stored on a pen serves a dual purpose and increases the strength of your message.

Are your consumers part of the senior community or like many of us suffering from eye strain and screen fatigue? Do you have a service or product to magnify around eye-care?

Is your message unique? Maybe a school that needs an instructional tool for reference, tips on where to find municipality information, maybe a snapshot of the parks to enjoy in your area, or local restaurants with take-out or upcoming events? Custom books can have anything added to them- images, words, and QR codes always create a way to reduce the clutter but add more value to a simple, low-cost marketing tool like a bookmark.

By the way, did you bookmark our blog as a reference and resource to better marketing campaigns?

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