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What's Environmentally Smart & Offers Photo-Realistic Images?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022


Looking for something new? Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Digital Direct To Garment is an excellent alternative to screen printing for tees, hoodies and other cotton-fleece styles. The digital-printing technology delivers premium retail quality: crisp, vibrant colors, photo-realistic images and a softer, more natural feel.

Retail Look and Feel

In addition to producing realistic images and detailed designs, Digital Direct To Garment features a CMYK reproduction process with a range of nearly 400,000 colors, bringing your logo to life with razor-sharp accuracy. Best of all, the imprint is soft to the touch – not hard and scratchy.

Long-Lasting Branding

Specially formulated textile inks that resist degradation from chemicals often found in laundry detergent, your imprint can withstand scrapes from zippers and buttons. Apparel with Digital Direct To Garment is designed to be worn – without your logo getting worn out.

Better for the Planet

On top of providing a look and feel you’ll love, Digital Direct To Garment is more environmentally friendly than screen printing. It uses special water-based inks that are OEKO-TEX® and CPSIA-compliant, which means they meet independent standards for sustainability and safety for all ages. The process is also more efficient, using 80% less ink, with not a drop of ink wasted. It generates no wastewater and requires 75% less energy than screen printing – cutting the carbon footprint by 40%. With no setup pieces or material waste, the digital-printing process reduces overproduction significantly. The Best for Your Brand

Click here for a closer look at Digital Direct To Garment and why it’s a better choice for branded apparel. It only takes 12 units for an order!

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