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What's The Secret To Crafting A Legendary Story?

Updated: Apr 23

Large life moments fill a space in time, making us want to reshare the story.

When we are captivated, we stop checking our phones; we're in the moment. Being present means that we're "all in", drawn into the plot. A well crafted event delivers a story. The secret to crafting a legendary story starts with the planning. Through collaboration we define the narrative. The narrative forms by knowing the purpose, the people and the why behind an event. Without defining the story, it's impossible convey the essence of your story to the attendee.

Strategic choices fuel conversation and compel us to re-share our experience.

Here are two recent partner's stories.

Wake Tech Foundation's annual IGNITE 2024 focused on the heroes in their hallways, igniting students to achieve goals. United in purpose!

Super heroes wear wristbands. Through the testimonials, attendees heard stories that underscored the importance of community partners & champions. Bonded to the narrative, the bands become a symbol. Each individual then becomes an ignitor in the community, using our inner hero to create a positive effect on others to achieve.

The Town of Fuquay-Varina recently opened and dedicated their newest fire house. A capacity crowd of local residents, business leaders and first responders came together to remember the past and celebrate a milestone moment of growth. This fast growing Southwest Wake Town has brought increased access to services for residences and the business community with the opening of station 4.

In 2023, the Fuquay-Varina Fire Department responded to 5,786 emergency calls!

This new station is a model for firefighter health & safety with a separate decontamination building to help prevent harmful, cancer- causing products of combustion for entering the main building. Additionally there is a history room, shown here, to highlight the FVFD's rich history. The centerpiece is a full restored 1945 Mack Truck, the first new fire truck bought by the Town of Fuquay Springs. The truck is featured on the coin.

Attendees received a signature coin as a keepsake to the past & present.

We love how this design captures that story.

Storytelling is a craft.

We create for products that keep turning the page of your story.

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