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What's In Your Stocking?

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Let's face it, as kids the holiday stocking was exciting perhaps for candy or a small treat but likely your eyes were darting towards the packages under the tree before the stocking hung on the mantle.

You've heard it said that good things come in small packages and it's true. I also tend to believe that the reason we look forward to the holiday season is we hope to capture all the wonder, joy, and magic it held in our youth; if only for a few moments. This year more than many years past, we all need some goodwill, some belief in magic, and some joy in our lives.

Who's on board with an adult stocking?

Don't worry- we won't make you save your stocking each year to hang. In fact, we will suggest that your ornament shaped lip balms, your candy, your holiday ornament, or perhaps your winning holiday ugly sweater award comes in a useful stocking! We've been posting about socks, shoes, and shoestrings for a while because effective marketing is all in the engagement. The numbers don't lie that "walking billboards" get attention. Ask us to share some ways to create a unique stocking for your team, like one of these from our case study archives.

Maybe this year, you will love getting stocks for the holidays!

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