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Where's the Art In Recognition?

When you think of a recognition wall, what comes to mind? Maybe you automatically picture a wall full of plaques, records, or pictures. Would you walk by without a second thought?

When we think of recognition walls, we think of endless possibilities to create a work of art that is sure to give your donors or high-performing employees the attention they deserve! Imagine a wall with different levels, adding dimension. Layering colors or mediums designed to draw you closer for a second look. A simple wall has been transformed into something that evokes a response, whether it be joy or curiosity, it now serves a multi-level purpose! This type of wall will keep your eye on the names of donors, employees, and key individuals or benchmarks that define your story.

Storytelling with photos, news clippings, or even letters from loyal customers are some of the many ways we can capture your company story in wall art. Given our artistic skills, we can even craft a wall with more dimension, layering in images & color on the wall with adhesive vinyl to set a foundation for the plaques to be displayed or adding dimension like a gallery.

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