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  • 8 Reasons To Tee Up Success For Local Children

    economically disadvantaged families to succeed in kindergarten and beyond by providing free early childhood education Lane Tomey has spent a career in education. I learned that she's put her passion for education & achievement into developing this local program because

  • What Could You Do With 10,080 Minutes?

    Now earning 168.7 hours through the PPAI education program. Our owner Olivia has always put a premium on education. A commitment to education is why our entire team has certification. It's one of our core values.

  • Help Prevent Crime

    leaving keys in the ignition of an unattended car or being aware of your surroundings are frequent education Ever since, the National Crime Prevention Council has been on a mission to educate communities on ways

  • Time To Turn the Tassel, Again!

    Education is one of the bedrock values of our company - the more we learn, the better partner we are company is comprised of a certified team - each of our team members is at a different point in the education It's the Ad Specialty Professional's most prestigious education award for ASI partners! Each year, the company invests $1.3 million to educate its members. About ASI The Advertising Specialty Institute is the largest education, media and marketing organization

  • Your Footprint Matters! Be Extraordinary.

    important because it means we are continually striving to be your best partner through continuing education Certification is education- so, for 15th year it seemed fitting our year- long Cares Program initiative support an education partner.

  • Who Can Prevent Injuries?

    activities, advocating for improvements and enhanced safety legislation and enforcement, providing educational We are proud to say that these donations went towards protecting children and spreading educational messages The Safe Kids organization has plenty of other educational tools and information on their website as

  • Making a Change With Poe!

    This year, we chose to support Poe Center for Health Education! nonprofit organization dedicated to positively impacting the lives of North Carolina youth through health education They opened their Raleigh doors in 1991 and has since educated more than 1.3 million participants from Their mission is impactful, "[...] to educate and empower North Carolina children, youth and their families

  • Foster A Caring Network- Share & Care!

    Historically, our community partnerships & investments have been centered around education, kids & families Since 2007, we've been actively involved with organizations that align with education, kids & families

  • Serving 70,000. 1 Billion $ Impact

    GPA). 90% of Wake Tech Associate's degree graduates are either employed or still enrolled in higher education For every dollar a student invests in a Wake Tech education, the student receives a cumulative value A student’s investment in a Wake Tech education has an average annual rate of return of nearly 18%, which

  • Be First to Quench Your Thirst!

    We have a history in education and have always been education-focused, so we know they were the perfect

  • Take Notes -You'll FALL in Love...

    As a former WCPSS educator, PTA leader & parent, our owner Olivia has the experience to create turnkey As a bonus, if you follow our social media, you know we are focused on youth and education.

  • Loving Local IS Community Partnership!

    Our 2022 summary summary includes a variety of community organizations - with a focus on youth, education

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