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  • Protecting Our Children

    Like all education efforts, the more we work together and share information the quicker we reach our members include: Law Enforcement Officers Firefighters and Paramedics Medical and Health Professionals Educators and Other Volunteers Businesses Policymakers Kids The mission of Safe Kids Wake County is clear - to reduce

  • What Are You Saving Your Hugs For?

    personal growth, the voice of Ann Rollins, the esteemed Executive Director at the Poe Center for Health Education

  • A Thumbs Up to Growth

    Investing in education is the first step to a successful future.

  • Celebrating Our Heroes

    older, we realize that simple kindness and caring for others through public service, healthcare and education Besides items to display, consider ways to reduce stress by capturing the spirit of our youth through

  • Facing Left or Facing Right?

    Sponsorships, education, and milestone moments are just three types of marketing moments that benefit

  • Consumers Want Laughter

    In that same study, a third of consumers said they appreciate brands educating them and helping them

  • 12 Ways to Reduce Waste at Conferences

    2020 First Quarter Events will be filled with sales kick offs, trade shows, conferences and conventions. What are 12 ways to create less waste at meetings? 1. Recyclable Cardboard or Seed Paper name badges to refurbish for plants or new products or make your visors out of seed paper! 2. Bamboo lanyards 3. 100% jute or cotton bags to re-use after the event 4. Purchase products that include logo icons that demonstrate that the product is recycled, reusable or sustainable 5. Cafeteria or coffee stations with mugs that are re-used by employees rather than purchasing paper products or seed paper cups 6. Personal water bottles - keep in mind glass is the original recycled material 7. Recycled pencils 8. Printed pocket programs for daily use might be integrated into journals or notebooks to save the date for your next event, offer a coupon code for early bird registrants or include a QR code to download the daily event agenda or a map of convention footprint. 9. Reusable plate, utensils, lunchbox containers from wheat plastic for sandwiches, salads, fruits, dressing and soups - which as a bonus saves you money and puts you in more control of your dietary choices. 10. Offering a themed drinkware item at the beginning of the event for attendees to use throughout the event. Depending on your schedule and the design of the piece, drinkware with a wrap imprint (covers the entire surface of the the container in full color) would offer a place to break out sessions, keynote speakers or a QR code to scan to more information. 11. Omit dates from print materials to use more than for a specific event or year. Perhaps hold your event in a city that is committed to eco solutions- Here's a top 10 list of Solar Powered Cities. 12. Make product selections that offer more impact with sustainable features such as bamboo. Make a difference to attendees and the environment with your choices in 2020!

  • Second Chance at Life

    this video is also part of our Give Back program, until June 14, benefiting The Poe Center for Health Education

  • Honoring & Empowering Veterans Everyday

    three years to assist in financial planning and household budgeting, in addition to home ownership education

  • Highlighting 4 Essential Steps In Creating A Brand Experience

    For example at an EarthFest, the educational products at booths should be sustainable or made with

  • What's Better Than Free? Nothing!

    In the spirit of education - keep following each blog post this week to learn how combining free opportunities

  • Crafting Visual Stories

    Isabel uses this educational background in her work today by staying “familiar with current design trends

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