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Partnerships Matter

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Who is Promotional Partners?

Shaped by the vision of owners Keith & Olivia Scott, Promotional Partners Inc. has evolved into a team driven branding agency who’s creative & collaborative approach molds our client’s brand identity into a tangible form.   

Let’s face it, effective marketing is about connection and engagement with your brand message. When it comes to product selection, graphic design or campaign distribution, our certified team shares our expertise to promote your brand through one-to-one engagement.

After-all, your brand is personal! As much as we love crafting campaigns to elevate your brand identity & generate brand loyalty,  we can't be accessible 24-7 - we've got to sleep!

Our blog offer inspiration till we meet.


You should know, we love to laugh!!


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Reputation Matters

Our choice in partners makes a difference.  

Locally, you see our footprint in the community. Behind the scenes we design, manage, source and secure  industry partners that are committed to adhering to the highest standards for corporate responsibility.

Our partners are transparent- sharing their core values, systems for factory oversight and providing reports around their certifications, compliance & safety efforts.

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