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10 Creative Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing

“We’re living in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.” -Mike Henry

Freshening up your marketing could be as simple as incorporating video.

Video allows you to virtually connect with prospects and clients, but it also enables your sales reps to showcase their personalities. When your competitors are sending text-based emails, a video stands out as a refreshing change.

If you’re wondering what you can create a video about, read on. In this issue, the blog was lifted to share from one of our industry publications, Promotional Consultant Today, complied by Audrey Sellers. The ideas came from Isaiah Wells, director of video at Weidert Group, on 10 creative ways to incorporate video in your B2B content marketing.

1. Personalized sales videos. Whether you record a quick video with your laptop or your smartphone, a video is a great way to share more about you and your products and services. These videos don’t need to have major production value, Wells adds.

2. Social teasers. If you want to drive prospects to content on your site, whether it’s a new blog or a new product listing, give a sneak peek with a short social teaser video. Wells recommends keeping them short—no longer than a minute or so.

3. Employee bios. Video is a great way to amp up the fun on your team’s online profiles. Rather than simply a paragraph of text, ask each member of your sales team to create a short video about themselves.

4. Video blogs. If your sales reps don’t necessarily have the skill or time to write a lengthy blog post, invite them to contribute a video blog—or vlog for short. Wells says tools like Otter can help you transcribe the video to improve SEO.

5. Trade show support. With most events continuing in a virtual format this year, video allows you to engage with attendees and stand out in breakout sessions. When you have a lively video showcasing your product or company, you give people a reason to stop and watch, says Wells.

6. Webinars. It may sound daunting creating a webinar from scratch, but Wells says it is as easy as hitting record when giving an online presentation on Zoom or another video platform. Then you can just add it to your website and include a link in your emails.

7. About us videos. Similar to using video in employee bios, you can also use video to tell a story about your team or company. According to Wells, these videos can help you explain to your audience why you do what you do.

8. Product demos. Want to show your clients a great new product? Create a video that gives them an up-close look. People believe what they see, and if they see that your product does what they need it to do, your sales outreach will be more effective, says Wells.

9. Recruitment videos. If you are hoping to add to your sales team this year, you can use videos to spotlight your workplace, provide a virtual tour of your office building or introduce job seekers to their potential colleagues.

10. Customer testimonials. When you can incorporate a video of a happy client in your content marketing, it’s a win for both your company and the client. You get to show how you have helped one of your customers and the other business gets some nice exposure, too.

You can use videos in all stages of the sales process, from prospecting to nurturing. Whether you choose to entertain or inform in your video, make sure to always keep the focus on the value you provide. Once you know your message, hit record and get ready to engage with your audience in new ways.

Source: Isaiah Wells is director of video at Weidert Group. He has more than 15 years of experience creating video assets for a variety of industries and has worked with clients including Pfizer, GE, and Briggs & Stratton.

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