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5 Reasons To Use A Transfer

Continuing in our Graphically Speaking Series- let's talk transfers. (We have over 40 posts showcasing ways we lend a graphic hand to your marketing projects, search by keywords on our blog)

  1. Transfers are a popular solution when you have colorful images like photos or dimensional designs with gradients and halftones.

  2. A transfer can easily be added to a variety of fabric surfaces, often offsetting your imprint set up costs.

  3. Transfers capture print-rich images, rather than reducing color for screen separations required in silkscreen or simplifying the image for embroidery machines to stitch.

  4. Transfers are an easy way to personalize a t-shirt with names or numbers.

  5. Transfers are perfect for designs that will only be used for 1 product, such as a gift for a friend's birthday.

That's 5 great reasons to consider a transfer, as the decoration option, to solve your next design challenge. Still confused? We have an e-guide to help!

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