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5 Ways to Leverage Thanksgiving As Brand Builder

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

There are lots of ways to show gratitude to your client base. Thanksgiving is an often overlooked day to express your appreciation for individuals and business partners that have supported your business.

Custom greeting cards and branded calendars are an affordable and easy to mailer to send out ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

What are some key reasons to consider a gratitude promotion program?

1. Black Friday is coming! Stay top of mind by inserting a special offer, coupon or freebie that they can redeem on Black Friday. 2. Cyber Monday is coming! Planning a Cyber Monday promotion can help drive traffic to your website. Use a special landing page, a UTM code, and Google Analytics to measure and track ROI driven from your promo campaign. 3. Express your gratitude- Give thanks with a thoughtful sentiment, a personal gift or card. A hand sign your note — which is a small detail that is thoughtful and genuine. 4. Beat the holiday rush. Consumers will be inundated with offers, emails, mailers as the winter holiday season ramps up. It may be harder to capture their attention in December. 5. Spread the gratitude! The world needs more positive vibes. Host a contest or giveaway asking your customers and social followers to share reasons they are thankful. Those who participate can be entered to win a gift card, complimentary service or another awesome prize. Select several winners to send promotional gifts to as a thank you for participating.

Bonus: Sponsor a food drive or a “Giving Tuesday” fundraiser for a local non-profit or a charitable cause that is special to you. Invite employees and clients to contribute; share your progress on your website and social media. This is a great way to give back to those in need, spread awareness and have fun!

Don’t miss the chance to leverage overlooked holidays as an opportunity to connect with others!

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