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6 Unexpected Benefits of USA-Made Products

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Yes, domestic products put Americans to work, but besides the economic benefits, there are some key reasons that USA-Made products helps your bottom line.

1. Speed. No waiting on boats or planes, no boxes held up in customs so you can expect days, not weeks, for delivery.

2. Security. No trade wars or tariffs, and a consistency to pricing.

3. Controlled Chaos. Things happen, pandemics, natural disasters, broken equipment, etc., but resilient suppliers forge relationships to help outsource needs in a crisis. Domestic partners can rebound faster in the supply chain because the distance between us may only rely on a different way to transport. We had a supplier a couple of years ago that rented their own trucking company to make sure that an order arrived to us on time for our client's event!

4. Safety. "Boots on the ground" domestic suppliers are held to high standards for safety regulations, certifications, and labor practices.

5. Quality. USA-Made products often are competing against imported products, but choosing premium materials over less durable materials.

6. Affordability. Overseas items might seem cheaper per unit, but once you factor in the product development, spec samples, shipping and inability to market your product due to wait time, unit cost price ceases to be the only factor you should consider.

How does buying USA Made align with your brand values?

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