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8 Reasons to Collaborate!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

How many times have you taken a break at work, discussed a problem and suddenly found a solution? It's not surprising that great ideas are sparked by human connection. Simply by engaging in conversation, the environment is ripe for the "give & take" of ideas. New perspectives result in previously unconsidered solutions becoming the right direction to proceed when solving challenges.

Our team approach at Promotional Partners is grounded by 3 words - collaboration, creativity and certification. Our owner, Olivia, is not only our owner, but she is our teammate. She is open to ideas & new ways of doing things. She chooses to spend time both working in the business & working as volunteer in the community. She'd say these experiences have taught her the value of collaboration and make her a more creative problem solver.

She was recently named to the Triangle Business Journal's 2020 class, which celebrates 25 Triangle Women in Business. This award signifies professional accomplishment, leadership and community engagement. Olivia's journey as a women in business is energized by collaborating! Exploring new ideas sparks her creativity and invigorates her, while adding value to her life professionally & personally. Read more about her award repsonses here.

Besides developing the creative side of your brain, what are 7 more lessons she's learned from collaborating?

  • Learn the value of embracing change. We are all creatures of habit, but by consistently putting yourself in a position to change, you're more likely to shed traits that are keeping you from goals, and adopt habits support your goals.

  • Learn the value of being an avid reader. Reading material is all around us, novels, magazines, newspapers, blogs - there is a format for everyone. Reading helps you explore new directions. Even though you may not be able to converse with the author, you're still engaging with their ideas.

  • Learn the value of being a teacher. You don't have to be a paid educator, host a podcast or write a blog to share knowledge. When you learn something new, share it with colleagues at work, friends at the park or during dinner with the family.

  • Learn the value of being accessible. Not just physically, but mentally. A free exchange of ideas between individuals builds trust and forms bonds - be present.

  • Learn the value of being approachable. Never be too important, fixed on titles or roles that you don't seem human. It's hard to communicate if you don't feel respected or are intimated.

  • Learn the value of being a talent agent. Talent creates a culture. One can be smart, but their talents add to an organization's DNA creating the culture. By serving your community, you will be forced into groups & roles you can't control; outside your norm. By serving, you'll learn what makes people tick and learn how you will react & adapt to challenges. Hopefully you'll learn to easily identify what creates a stronger team and develops leaders that reflect your culture!

We are curious, what have you learned from collaboration?

* Be kind to our photos of Olivia- remember it's our pandemic best; work with that you can do!

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Sep 07, 2021

Lovely blog thanks for taking the time to share this

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