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8 Reasons To Consider Shareable Food Gifts

Food gifts are an easy way to acknowledge a crowd- a little something for everyone. Shareable food gifts make life easy for employees tasked with gifting. Shareable food gifts, create smiles and engagement; employees get social!

Rather than scouring the local retail store or spending hours on the internet trying to find the right gifts, let us help you design the perfect food distribution. Be unforgettable this year- connect with the universal appeal of food. Beyond the sensory touch, taste and smells that will be associated with your brand; there are 8 more compelling reasons to consider food gifts:

Personalized- Many food gifts bear the name of a company line, our partners promote your brand, not theirs- your logo up front and center stage. Yes, we will build customized gifts to meet your taste, promotion or budget.

Value driven pricing- top quality direct from the factory rather than sitting on retail shelves!

Fresh-Our gifts are packed-to-order just before the order is shipped, NOT made up many months in advance like so many gifts from the mail-order and retail giants.

Quality- Our gifts are jam-packed full of the finest premium chocolates, fresh-roasted nuts and other gourmet treats rather than filled with fluff and inexpensive fillers- making these gifts scrumptious, mouth- watering and memorable to recipients. 

Convenience! We can arrange for shipment to you, or directly to each recipient. We will even enclose your greeting or business card or add a tangible reminder of your brand as a kit.

Turn Key- Order early for discounts, have your order ship on your desired date weeks or months later. 

Security- Don't worry, offers or future solicitations to your client list; your client's are safe and secure no selling or sharing your list with retailers.

No risk - Trust us! All gifts come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Ask us to design a package for your brand!

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