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8 Reasons To Tee Up Success For Local Children

Peak Beginning is a local non- profit, here in the heart of Historic Downtown Apex, on a mission to equip children in Apex from economically disadvantaged families to succeed in kindergarten and beyond by providing free early childhood education. Recently this program was recognized by the Town of Apex with a 2023 Think Apex Award for their non-profit work in the community.

Lane Tomey has spent a career in education. I first met Lane when she started the business alliance committee for Apex Friendship High School.

Immediately I was drawn to service by her passion for students and achievement. She's a connector, and a relationship builder. I sat down to collaborate with Lane prior to their golf tournament to learn more about the program and how to share that message with golfers.

I learned that she's put her passion for education & achievement into developing this local program because she says, "The "achievement" gap exists because of a lack of opportunity, not a lack of ability". Think about that statement, the reflect on these eight compelling facts:

  1. Economically disadvantaged children who do not attend at least 2 years of a pre-school program, start Kindergarten an average of 1.5 years behind and are rarely able to catch up.

  2. 3rd grade reading scores are used to predict the number of prison beds that will be needed in NC

  3. Currently, only 29% of economically disadvantaged students are meeting proficiency in reading at grade 3 compared to 56% of all other students.

  4. 90% of brain growth happens from age 0-5 and these early childhood experiences lay the foundation for school success.

  5. Only 30 percent of economically-disadvantaged students meet the state’s standard for career and college readiness on state tests.

  6. The cost of attending a full-time early childhood program in NC now exceed the cost of tuition at NC State

  7. Economically disadvantaged families face barriers to preschool access that include cost, transportation, and work schedules.

  8. Economically disadvantaged students who attend at least 2 years of preschool attend college at a higher rate and earn significantly more income as adults.

Tomorrow, May 1, Peak Beginnings is hosting their first annual golf tournament to raise money for their program. Get to know this program as another one of the wonderful organization and people behind the story we've discovered in our own sesquicentennial journey of stories.

Follow their work on Facebook & Instagram - visit with the May 6th in our booth, learn more about how you can support this program.

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