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A Diorama, An Invitation Or A Seat?

Clearly, for this guy, the box is a seat.

Surely in grade school, you used a shoebox to make a diorama. Transforming an average container into a story by capturing the essence of a moment within the walls of a box. The diorama became a three-dimensional house for the story or message you wanted to convey.

A savvy marketer realizes that every part of the consumer experience tells their brand story. The story of your brand starts as soon as your consumer sees the box- does the appearance make them want to open it? Sure a box is just a container, but the walls don't have to be boring. Adding words, images and color will transform an ordinary box into a three-dimensional story.

You got your consumer to open the box by adding intrigue to the packaging, but once they open the box, what's next? Touch is an important part of the sensory experience. The quality and construction of the box matter, as well as the contents inside. Do your box and the contents invite touch?

Creating a cohesive marketing plan is about the ability to elevate a story to a moment of wonder for the consumer- generating a desire to engage and eliciting a response that causes a consumer to take action. Marketing starts when "this guy" doesn't see the box as merely a convenient seat.

Getting a seat at the table to talk about your brand, often starts with a box. We thrive on creating WONDERful moments.

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