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A Neat Way to Be Fun & Playful

Inspired by Japanese culture, asobu means fun and playful, and that is what we keep front and center in the design of our products. An Asobu bottle is designed with an emphasis on the aesthetics while always adding that element of fun in each of our unique bottles.

January is National Hot Tea Month, and its National Creativity Month- so let’s look at some innovative ways to enjoy hot tea or other beverages. Some brands are more innovative than others. If you’ve never heard of Asobu.- it might be time for you to embrace the fun & playful side of your brand persona.

Asobu is our way of bringing the best of hydration ingenuity to you to ELEVATE YOUR EVERYDAY. Their stainless steel bottles are made with the highest quality and safest materials. Bottles are produced from food grade stainless steel and are double walled with a copper lining for an extra layer of insulation. Their stainless steel bottles will keep your drink hot for 12 hours or cold for an entire 24 hour day.

What types of designs and innovation do they offer?

Not sure if you need a water bottle or prefer to have a mug in hand? Now you don’t have to choose- this clever insulated drinkware piece can be both a mug & water bottle. Watch this video to see how!

Check out this line here. Keep following this series for more innovation.

If you'd to make your brand stand out- perhaps something new for decoration?

Which style seems the most fun, playful & intriguing?

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