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A Tool For Increasing Productivity

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Knowing your magic hours and your clients- when will they respond, review, and communicate with you is a critical step for anyone in sales. What type of environment and schedule makes you productive- working remotely might be your chance to try new systems that don't impact co-workers. For example, I am productive on the weekends in the early am and pm because there are no other distractions. I also like lists and planners, to keep details organized.

There are a lot of sales tools for management, but what works for you? Maybe you need to write things down to sort your thoughts or check-off lists to feel a sense of accomplishment; electronics are great but remember a notebook is really the same as a journal, but one costs a lot more yet can accomplish the same tasks!

A notebook that caught our eye this past week were these notebooks. The mission of this partner is to fund education projects through art and creativity. Besides creativity- each purchase will helping fund education projects worldwide. The movement has successfully funded 5 schools as of 2018.

If creativity is offered you know there are also multiple styles and designs of notebooks, many of which are designed by artists from around the world. Find a style that speaks to you and what will spark your creativity and productivity.

Art can change the world. We couldn't agree more.

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