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Abe's Beard Was Iconic- Are You?

Abraham Lincoln is one of our most renounced Presidents, however it's not his legacy of service or leadership that makes him truly unique- it's the beard! He was the first President with a beard. Minted on a penny, his iconic image is not going away.

Coins are a traditional way to commemorate and recognize, that are getting a second look in this modern world. As the push for minimalism gains a following, metal work such as coins and label pins take up very little space, yet offer high exposure. Coins may be displayed as a collection and pins can be part of legacy programs to denote years of service or achievement with words, numbers or jewels.

Coins can also be used for currency. Bear with me, I am not implying you don't know coins are currency. I am merely suggesting that reward bucks with your owner's face or company mascot on coins are a fun way to accumulate credits that could be redeemed in a company store or used to trade for products at the end of a conference. Coins as part of a benchmark achieved are also a unique and fairly inexpensive way to celebrate. Special packaging or inserted messages with the coin add an additional level of value to the recipient.

Recognition is designed to make recipients feel appreciated and publicly share achievement. Ole Abe will be thought of and discussed for years as his face cycles through our daily life. Consider adding a spark of imagination to your next milestone with a coin program. Here a quick glance at a few of our favorites!

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