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Accessorize The Right Way

Elevate your promotions with the proper accessories!

Promoting your brand is a fundamental step in ensuring that your message is remembered and heard by as many people as possible. But why stop at the basics? Our partner, JournalBooks, an NC-founded company, considers all of the ways your custom journal can represent your brand through many different fun and exciting accessories to go with the journal.

The success of your promotional book lies in the unique details that make it memorable. Add another reason to pick up your books again and again. Why not slip your logo in between the pages of your journal with an imprinted bookmark? Make your logo stand out with a unique bookmark to go with your standout journal. The Clip-In Marker/Ruler Bookmark clips into the journal spine and can be customizable to fit your brand's image.

The accessories don’t have to stand out from the rest of the journal too much. In fact, they can be built right into the journal itself. The Custom Die-cut offers a variety of possibilities to show off your image in a new, innovative way.

Going along with the journal itself being elevated to the next level, have your brand shape the journal itself. A Custom Shape Journal takes your creativity to the next level, as it is possible to cut your actual journal into a custom shape.

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