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Add A Dramatic Role Into Your Brand Experience

It's National Creativity Month - plus Friday the 13th is National Sticker Day, so we thought it might be fun to feature some dramatic brand enhancements for you to consider.

As Steve Jobs once said, “Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.” The design of a product’s packaging determines the story it conveys to consumers and plays a role in their decision to purchase. So, how does a brand create a packaging story that can outshine the competition, demand consumer attention, and ultimately win the sale? Silver BOPP Roll Labels provide a prime solution for standout packaging in a variety of markets. Let’s explore the most popular uses for this exciting new product! Vitamins & Supplements According to IBIS World, the vitamin and supplement manufacturing market is currently sitting at $37.2 billion. With a high volume of supplement production, comes a high demand for bottle labels. Metallic labels are a huge trend in this industry because they help brands steal consumers’ attention on overcrowded shelves. This is crucial for these businesses because, in this market, competition is fierce. Cosmetics In the world of cosmetics, beauty is everything. Making customers feel good about themselves is the goal of these companies. While the products themselves must invoke feelings of beauty, the journey starts with the packaging. Using silver BOPP to create stunning metallic effects will speak volumes to consumers. If the label sparks a feeling of luxury, the consumer is likely to believe the contents will do the same. Food & Beverages From craft products to name-brand staples, food and beverage packaging utilizes metallic finishes on a regular basis. The shiny material draws the consumers’ eyes to it on the shelf and instills a belief that the contents are of the highest quality. Shoppers will find high-end labels on products such as luxury chocolates and specialty canned goods like tender young peas, or healthy hand-crafted beverages such as kombucha or specialty coffee. Another popular choice includes Silver Can & Crowler Labels for a fun finish on canned craft beers and other alcoholic beverages. Silver BOPP offers a beautiful metallic finish that can emulate any metallic color. We digitally printed these labels and overlaminate them with your choice of gloss or a pen-receptive matte lamination. Choose the option that best complements the label design and brand image. We include white ink in the price as it provides a barrier for areas that should not be metallic (like behind a UPC code). Gloss lamination provides an extra layer of shine that will reflect light and create vibrant, stunning effects. A matte finish will allow the shine of the material to show, but in a more subtle manner that provides a softer, luxurious feel.

Learn more about this exciting new product with a visit to our graphic design studio.

We've got the right partner to make you shine in 2023!

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