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Alexa, The Modern Day Rosie

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

When I was a kid I loved watching the Jetsons! Flying cars, conveyor belts in your home, plates that molded before your eyes producing dinner and Rosie! Everyone loved Rosie- ready to handle all your challenges.

I also read about "big brother" in school; what's the connection? Like it or not we are watched and tracked, "shades of big brother", but modern conveniences like Smart Devices are exciting us like an episode of the Jetsons!

The is no doubt that smart devices make light work of many tasks. The popularity of technology offers numerous ways to keep your brand in front of your target audience. Clever marketing campaigns will integrate your message with the product selection to add more value to the promotion.

Today is January 6th, National Technology Day. Let's take a peek at some new smart devices from our friends at Leeds! Click the links for videos about each product.

Smart Plugs

Control your devices from anywhere with this WiFi Smart Plug. Once you have connected the plug to your WiFi network you can turn things on and off from your smartphone or tablet via an app, Tuya Smart. You can also set a schedule on the app to turn on and off your devices at a set time. Say you forgot to turn off the iron, no problem. Arrive home late and want to turn on your lights before entering the house, no problem. The Wifi Smart Plug is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Interested in making your home a "smart" home?

With this WiFi Smart Home kit, you'll be off to good start. Included is a Window/Door Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, and Siren. The Window/Door sensor can be mounted on any window/door around the house. Once the window/door is opened an alert will be sent to your phone and to the siren. The PIR motion sensor can be mounted anywhere around the house. When the sensor is triggered an alert will be sent to your phone and the siren will activate. Both of these products can be set on a schedule to only activate an alert at a certain time. Controlled by WiFi with the app Tuya Smart. Compatible Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Smart Doorbell

Ditch the old doorbell and get the WiFi Video Smart Doorbell. Once connected to your WiFi, it will produce a live feed that allows you to see who is at the door. The doorbell has a built in speaker and microphone so you can communicate with your visitor. The doorbell will also start recording once the PIR motion sensor is triggered. If your visitor does press the doorbell, an alert will be sent your phone. Capable of taking HD videos and photographs with 720P resolution. Infrared technology allows the camera to work in dark environment. 

Smart Lightbulb

Equipped with the WiFi smart app control function, this bulb can be applied to standard bulbs in the market. It can be used anywhere. The bulb allows you to turn on or off your light remotely via the app,Tuya Smart. You can also schedule your lights on the app to turn it on and off. WiFi transmission model 2.4GHz, load current 3A and input voltage 100-240V. Transmission distance: 20-30 meter indoor, 40-50 meter outdoor- how does it work?

All of these smart devices would make Rosie proud and make some of her work obsolete!  

Graphically Speaking - keep in mind that many technology products have small imprint areas, you may have to bend on the amount of content or modify your logo expectations for the best imprint. 

Looking for a way to link your message to the home? A smart device might be the vehicle to connect your message and brand to consumers.

Are you ready for a smart home? 

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